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Earlybird is uniquely positioned in the fertilizer industry allowing us to offer many generic alternatives to your herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide products. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for specific details and potential savings.


Please read all product labels for possible residuals and potential dangers to animals and other plants.

Dry Fertilizer

Earlybird is committed to providing the best products for your turf management program.  We have proven products backed by expertise and service.  These are offered for professional or residential use. 

Fertilizer Rate/
Rate 10k Setting Comments
13-13-13 218 50 18 All purpose fertilizer for lawn & garden. Used garden & new lawn seeding.
27-7-9 (50% SRN) 175 40 15 Spring application greening and top growth in lawns.  50% of Nitrogen is slow release.  
6-24-24 or 5-26-30 218 50 17 Winterizer for lawns as well as plants with higher phosphorus & potassium requirements.
20-3-5-5Fe-75 175 40 18 Spring/Summer lawn fertilizer with Sulfur for high pH soils and Iron for extra greening. 
20-0-7 w/ Trimec 175 40 14 Spring/early Summer fertilizer with broadleaf control. Spread while leaf surface is moist for best results. Apply  to lawns after 4 mowings.
20-0-5 (25% SRN)   15 Spring application greening and top growth in lawns.  25% of Nitrogen is slow release.  
        Apply early Spring prior to crabgrass germination.  Barricade controls annual grasses & some broadleaves,
19-0-6 w/ Barricade 218 50 18
19-0-6 w/ Dimension 175 40 Dimension controls crabgrass both pre-emergence and post-emergence.  Also pre-emergence control of other annual grasses and broadleaves.
Gypsum 1089 250 Mellows hard ground.  Apply to lawns & ornamentals.  Fall or Spring.
Pelleted Lime 523 120 Use in soils with low pH. Lime sweetens ground and allows better utilization of nutrients, Fall or Spring application.
Sulfur 436 100 Temporarily lower pH Balances soil during critical growth and development periods. Good for acid loving plants.
Iron 87 0z 20 oz Quick dark greening effect on lawns that have been properly fertilized.
17-0-3 Liquid 17.5 gal 4 gal Liquid lawn & garden fertilizer.  Faster acting than dry, and more precise placement,
Soil Tests 3-4 day results. Minimum 15 cores mixed together.
Calcium Liquid


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Lawn Herbicides

Trimec 992 Controls dandelions and other broadleaves.

SpeedZone Controls Dandelions and other broadleaves.  A combination of Trimec and Aim for clover.

Team 2G Apply PRE 1-2 weeks before Crabgrass Emerges.

Triplet is an effective liquid post-emergent broadleaf herbicide that selectively controls broadleaf weeds in turf. Triplet is perfect for control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds, such as dandelion, clover, henbit, and plantains.

2-4D Amine is a wide range selective herbicide for controlling broadleaf weeds in fields and lawns.

2-4D LVE 4 is a highly effective herbicides to control emerged and actively growing broadleaf weeds.


Lawn Insecticides

Cyonara LP   Turf and perimeter pest control. Granular.

Grub Z Out    Controls grubs and other insects in on turf and ornamentals.


Do-It-Yourself Program
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